Supporting Apps

Below are apps that can help you implement ICDAS and ICCMS™

Epidemiology Tool

ICDAS and ICCMSTM Epidemiology Tool

This free app has been developed in response to demand from ICDAS and ICCMS™ users in the Epidemiology and Public Health Domain for something to help ICDAS them with data collection and simple analysis. This is the first application in what will be a series of programmes facilitating usage of ICDAS and ICCMS™ in a variety of settings.

It was developed using an unrestricted grant from Colgate Europe and can be used to collect caries data across local populations.

The development project was led by Professor Nigel Pitts (Chair of the EADPH Special Interest Group, BASCD Epidemiology Programme Scientific Coordinator & ICDAS Co-chair; King’s College London, UK) working with Professor Gail Douglas (ICDAS coordinator, University of Leeds, UK) and was developed with assistance from a number of the ICDAS coordinating committee members.  We would especially like to acknowledge the input from content experts Prof. Dr. Anahita Jablonski-Momeni (Philipps-Universität, Marburg, Germany) and Professor Andrea Ferrera Zandona (Indiana University, USA) for assisting with testing the software, as well as the Smile-on development team led by Janelle Montgomery.

Please back up all data, as the ICDAS Foundation cannot take responsibility for data loss.

Key Features:

  • 4 caries coding systems available (ICDAS, Modified ICDAS, Merged ICDAS, and WHO)
  • Real-time graphical results
  • CSV data export
  • Graphical data input interface
  • Options for recording: caries "activity" and root caries
  • Many surveyors can add data to your survey using different logins on the same computer
  • Free optional data back-up service
iCaries App

iCariesCare App